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ion::CGamePadCameraController Class Reference

#include <CCameraController.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CGamePadCameraController (Scene::ICamera *Camera)
virtual void Update (double const TickTime)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ion::CCameraController
 CCameraController (Scene::ICamera *Camera)
virtual void OnEvent (IEvent &Event)
virtual vec3f const & GetPosition () const
virtual float GetPhi () const
virtual float GetTheta () const
virtual float GetVelocity () const
virtual Scene::ICamera const * GetCamera () const
virtual Scene::ICameraGetCamera ()
virtual void CalculateInitialAngles ()
virtual vec3f GetCurrentSpeed () const
virtual void SetVelocity (float const Velocity)
virtual void SetPhi (float const Phi)
virtual void SetTheta (float const Theta)
virtual void SetActive (bool const Active)
virtual bool GetUseWASD () const
virtual bool GetUseArrowKeys () const
virtual bool GetUseScrollWheel () const
virtual void SetUseWASD (bool const UseWASD)
virtual void SetUseArrowKeys (bool const UseArrowKeys)
virtual void SetUseScrollWheel (bool const UseScrollWheel)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IEventListener
void AddListener (IEventListener *Listener)
void RemoveListener (IEventListener *Listener)
void TriggerEvent (IEvent &Event)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ion::IMultiTreeNode< IEventListener >
set< IEventListener * > const & GetChildren () const
void AddChild (IEventListener *Child)
void RemoveChild (IEventListener *Child)
void RemoveAllChildren ()
void RecurseOnChildren (Return(IEventListener::*Function)())
void RecurseOnChildren (Return(IEventListener::*Function)(P1), P1 p1)
void RecurseOnChildren (Return(IEventListener::*Function)(P1, P2), P1 p1, P2 p2)

Protected Attributes

SingletonPointer< CGamePadGamePad
float FocalLengthAccumulator = 0
- Protected Attributes inherited from ion::CCameraController
bool UseWASD = true
bool UseArrowKeys = true
bool UseScrollWheel = true
bool WASDCommands [(int) ECommand::Count]
bool ArrowCommands [(int) ECommand::Count]
float MoveSpeed
float LookSpeed
float FocalLengthDelta
float MaxAngleEpsilon
bool Tracking
float Phi
float Theta
vec3f CurrentSpeed
bool Active = true
- Protected Attributes inherited from ion::IMultiTreeNode< IEventListener >
set< IEventListener * > Children

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from ion::IMultiTreeNode< IEventListener >
 IMultiTreeNode ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ion::CGamePadCameraController::CGamePadCameraController ( Scene::ICamera Camera)

Member Function Documentation

void ion::CGamePadCameraController::Update ( double const  TickTime)

Reimplemented from ion::CCameraController.

Member Data Documentation

float ion::CGamePadCameraController::FocalLengthAccumulator = 0
SingletonPointer<CGamePad> ion::CGamePadCameraController::GamePad

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