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ion::CWindow Class Reference

#include <CWindow.h>

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Public Member Functions

void MakeContextCurrent ()
bool ShouldClose () const
void Close ()
vec2i const & GetSize () const
vec2i const & GetFrameBufferSize () const
float GetAspectRatio () const
void SwapBuffers ()
vec2i GetPosition () const
void SetPosition (vec2i const &Position)
bool IsKeyDown (EKey const Key)
bool IsMouseDown (SMouseEvent::EButton const Button)
vec2f const & GetCursorLocation () const
void SetCursorLocation (vec2f const &position)
void SetCursorVisible (bool const Visible)
vec2f GetRelativeCursorLocation () const
void SetRelativeCursorLocation (vec2f const &position)
GLFWwindow *const GetHandle () const
string GetClipboardText () const
void SetClipboardText (string const &Text)
bool IsFocused () const
SharedPointer< Graphics::IGraphicsContextGetContext ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from IEventListener
virtual void OnEvent (IEvent &Event)
void AddListener (IEventListener *Listener)
void RemoveListener (IEventListener *Listener)
void TriggerEvent (IEvent &Event)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ion::IMultiTreeNode< IEventListener >
set< IEventListener * > const & GetChildren () const
void AddChild (IEventListener *Child)
void RemoveChild (IEventListener *Child)
void RemoveAllChildren ()
void RecurseOnChildren (Return(IEventListener::*Function)())
void RecurseOnChildren (Return(IEventListener::*Function)(P1), P1 p1)
void RecurseOnChildren (Return(IEventListener::*Function)(P1, P2), P1 p1, P2 p2)

Protected Attributes

GLFWwindow *const WindowHandle
bool KeyStates [(int) EKey::Count]
bool MouseStates [(int) SMouseEvent::EButton::Count]
vec2f CursorLocation
vec2i Size
vec2i FrameBufferSize
- Protected Attributes inherited from ion::IMultiTreeNode< IEventListener >
set< IEventListener * > Children


class CWindowManager

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from ion::IMultiTreeNode< IEventListener >
 IMultiTreeNode ()

Member Function Documentation

void ion::CWindow::Close ( )
float ion::CWindow::GetAspectRatio ( ) const
string ion::CWindow::GetClipboardText ( ) const
SharedPointer< Graphics::IGraphicsContext > ion::CWindow::GetContext ( )
vec2f const & ion::CWindow::GetCursorLocation ( ) const
vec2i const & ion::CWindow::GetFrameBufferSize ( ) const
GLFWwindow *const ion::CWindow::GetHandle ( ) const
vec2i ion::CWindow::GetPosition ( ) const
vec2f ion::CWindow::GetRelativeCursorLocation ( ) const
vec2i const & ion::CWindow::GetSize ( ) const
bool ion::CWindow::IsFocused ( ) const
bool ion::CWindow::IsKeyDown ( EKey const  Key)
bool ion::CWindow::IsMouseDown ( SMouseEvent::EButton const  Button)
void ion::CWindow::MakeContextCurrent ( )
void ion::CWindow::SetClipboardText ( string const &  Text)
void ion::CWindow::SetCursorLocation ( vec2f const &  position)
void ion::CWindow::SetCursorVisible ( bool const  Visible)
void ion::CWindow::SetPosition ( vec2i const &  Position)
void ion::CWindow::SetRelativeCursorLocation ( vec2f const &  position)
bool ion::CWindow::ShouldClose ( ) const
void ion::CWindow::SwapBuffers ( )

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class CWindowManager

Member Data Documentation

vec2f ion::CWindow::CursorLocation
vec2i ion::CWindow::FrameBufferSize
bool ion::CWindow::KeyStates[(int) EKey::Count]
bool ion::CWindow::MouseStates[(int) SMouseEvent::EButton::Count]
vec2i ion::CWindow::Size
GLFWwindow* const ion::CWindow::WindowHandle

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