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ion::Graphics::IDrawContext Class Referenceabstract

Alternative to Pipeline State rendering. Represents the context for one or many draw calls. More...

#include <IDrawContext.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~IDrawContext ()
virtual void SetShader (SharedPointer< IShader > ShaderProgram)=0
virtual void SetVertexBuffer (uint const Index, SharedPointer< IVertexBuffer > VertexBuffer)=0
virtual void SetIndexBuffer (SharedPointer< IIndexBuffer > IndexBuffer)=0
virtual void SetUniform (string const &Name, SharedPointer< IUniform > Uniform)=0
virtual void SetTexture (string const &Name, SharedPointer< ITexture > Texture)=0
virtual void SetPrimitiveType (EPrimitiveType const PrimitiveType)=0
virtual void SetFeatureEnabled (EDrawFeature const Feature, bool const Enabled)=0
virtual void SetBlendMode (EBlendMode const BlendMode)=0
virtual void SetInstancingEnabled (bool const Enabled)=0
virtual set< string > GetUnboundUniforms () const =0
virtual void Draw (IDrawConfig *DrawConfig)=0
virtual IDrawConfigCreateDrawConfig ()=0

Detailed Description

Alternative to Pipeline State rendering. Represents the context for one or many draw calls.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual ion::Graphics::IDrawContext::~IDrawContext ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual IDrawConfig* ion::Graphics::IDrawContext::CreateDrawConfig ( )
pure virtual
virtual void ion::Graphics::IDrawContext::Draw ( IDrawConfig DrawConfig)
pure virtual
virtual set<string> ion::Graphics::IDrawContext::GetUnboundUniforms ( ) const
pure virtual
virtual void ion::Graphics::IDrawContext::SetBlendMode ( EBlendMode const  BlendMode)
pure virtual
virtual void ion::Graphics::IDrawContext::SetFeatureEnabled ( EDrawFeature const  Feature,
bool const  Enabled 
pure virtual
virtual void ion::Graphics::IDrawContext::SetIndexBuffer ( SharedPointer< IIndexBuffer IndexBuffer)
pure virtual
virtual void ion::Graphics::IDrawContext::SetInstancingEnabled ( bool const  Enabled)
pure virtual
virtual void ion::Graphics::IDrawContext::SetPrimitiveType ( EPrimitiveType const  PrimitiveType)
pure virtual
virtual void ion::Graphics::IDrawContext::SetShader ( SharedPointer< IShader ShaderProgram)
pure virtual
virtual void ion::Graphics::IDrawContext::SetTexture ( string const &  Name,
SharedPointer< ITexture Texture 
pure virtual
virtual void ion::Graphics::IDrawContext::SetUniform ( string const &  Name,
SharedPointer< IUniform Uniform 
pure virtual
virtual void ion::Graphics::IDrawContext::SetVertexBuffer ( uint const  Index,
SharedPointer< IVertexBuffer VertexBuffer 
pure virtual

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