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ion::Scene::CCoordinateFrameSceneObject Class Reference

#include <CCoordinateFrameSceneObject.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CCoordinateFrameSceneObject ()
 ~CCoordinateFrameSceneObject ()
virtual void Load (CRenderPass *RenderPass)
virtual void Draw (CRenderPass *RenderPass)
virtual void SetShader (SharedPointer< Graphics::IShader > Shader)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ion::Scene::ISceneObject
virtual ~ISceneObject ()
 Destructor. More...
virtual bool IsVisible () const
 Check if visible. More...
virtual bool IsLoaded (CRenderPass const *RenderPass) const
 Check if loaded. More...
virtual void TriggerReload ()
 Trigger a reload at next draw. More...
virtual void SetVisible (bool const isVisible)
 Set visibility. More...
virtual void SetDebugName (string const &DebugName)
 Debug name mutator. More...
virtual string const & GetDebugName () const
 Debug name accessor. More...
virtual STransformation3 const & GetTransformation () const
 Transformation accessor. More...
virtual void SetTransformation (glm::mat4 const &transformation)
 Transformation mutator. More...
virtual void SetTranslation (vec3f const &translation)
 Translation mutator. More...
virtual void SetPosition (vec3f const &translation)
 See SetTranslation (duplicate method) More...
virtual void SetRotation (vec3f const &rotation)
 Rotation mutator (euler angles) More...
virtual void SetRotation (glm::mat4 const &matrix)
 Rotatiom mutator (rotation matrix) More...
virtual void SetScale (vec3f const &scale)
 Scale mutator. More...
virtual vec3f GetRotation () const
 Rotation acessor (euler angles) More...
virtual vec3f GetTranslation () const
 Translation accessor. More...
virtual vec3f GetPosition () const
 Position accessor. More...
virtual vec3f GetScale () const
 Scale accessor. More...
void SetRotationOrder (ERotationOrder const RotationOrder)
ERotationOrder GetRotationOrder () const
void SetTransformationOrder (ETransformationOrder const TransformationOrder)
ETransformationOrder GetTransformationOrder () const

Protected Attributes

SharedPointer< Graphics::IPipelineStatePipelineState
SharedPointer< Graphics::IShaderShader
SharedPointer< Graphics::IIndexBufferIndexBuffer
SharedPointer< Graphics::IVertexBufferVertexBuffers
- Protected Attributes inherited from ion::Scene::ISceneObject
STransformation3 Transformation
bool Visible = true
 Whether or not to draw this object. More...
map< CRenderPass const *, bool > Loaded
 Whether this object has been loaded yet. More...
string DebugName = ""

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ion::Scene::CCoordinateFrameSceneObject::CCoordinateFrameSceneObject ( )
ion::Scene::CCoordinateFrameSceneObject::~CCoordinateFrameSceneObject ( )

Member Function Documentation

void ion::Scene::CCoordinateFrameSceneObject::Draw ( CRenderPass RenderPass)
void ion::Scene::CCoordinateFrameSceneObject::Load ( CRenderPass RenderPass)
void ion::Scene::CCoordinateFrameSceneObject::SetShader ( SharedPointer< Graphics::IShader Shader)

Member Data Documentation

SharedPointer<Graphics::IIndexBuffer> ion::Scene::CCoordinateFrameSceneObject::IndexBuffer
SharedPointer<Graphics::IPipelineState> ion::Scene::CCoordinateFrameSceneObject::PipelineState
SharedPointer<Graphics::IShader> ion::Scene::CCoordinateFrameSceneObject::Shader
SharedPointer<Graphics::IVertexBuffer> ion::Scene::CCoordinateFrameSceneObject::VertexBuffers

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