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ion::Scene::COrthographicCamera Class Reference

#include <COrthographicCamera.h>

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Public Member Functions

 COrthographicCamera (float const Size, float const AspectRatio)
 COrthographicCamera (float const left, float const right, float const bottom, float const top)
float GetTop () const
float GetBottom () const
float GetLeft () const
float GetRight () const
void SetTop (float const top)
void SetBottom (float const bottom)
void SetLeft (float const left)
void SetRight (float const right)
void RecalculateProjectionMatrix ()
void Update ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ion::Scene::CCamera
 CCamera ()
virtual void RecalculateViewMatrix ()
virtual vec3f const & GetPosition () const
virtual vec3f const & GetLookDirecton () const
virtual vec3f GetLookAtTarget () const
virtual vec3f const & GetUpVector () const
virtual glm::mat4 GetViewMatrix () const
virtual glm::mat4 GetProjectionMatrix () const
virtual void SetPosition (vec3f const &position)
virtual void SetLookDirection (vec3f const &lookDirection)
virtual void SetLookAtTarget (vec3f const &lookAtTarget)
virtual void SetUpVector (vec3f const &UpVector)
virtual void SetViewMatrix (glm::mat4 const &viewMatrix)
virtual void SetProjectionMatrix (glm::mat4 const &projectionMatrix)
virtual float GetNearPlane () const
virtual float GetFarPlane () const
virtual void SetNearPlane (float const nearPlane)
virtual void SetFarPlane (float const farPlane)
virtual vec2i GetScreenCoordinates (vec3f const &WorldPosition, vec2f const &WindowSize, bool *InFront=nullptr)
virtual ray3f GetPickingRay (vec2i const &Pixel, vec2f const &WindowSize)

Protected Attributes

float Top
float Bottom
float Left
float Right
- Protected Attributes inherited from ion::Scene::CCamera
vec3f Position
vec3f LookDirection
vec3f UpVector
glm::mat4 ViewMatrix
glm::mat4 ProjectionMatrix
float NearPlane
float FarPlane

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ion::Scene::COrthographicCamera::COrthographicCamera ( float const  Size,
float const  AspectRatio 
ion::Scene::COrthographicCamera::COrthographicCamera ( float const  left,
float const  right,
float const  bottom,
float const  top 

Member Function Documentation

float ion::Scene::COrthographicCamera::GetBottom ( ) const
float ion::Scene::COrthographicCamera::GetLeft ( ) const
float ion::Scene::COrthographicCamera::GetRight ( ) const
float ion::Scene::COrthographicCamera::GetTop ( ) const
void ion::Scene::COrthographicCamera::RecalculateProjectionMatrix ( )
void ion::Scene::COrthographicCamera::SetBottom ( float const  bottom)
void ion::Scene::COrthographicCamera::SetLeft ( float const  left)
void ion::Scene::COrthographicCamera::SetRight ( float const  right)
void ion::Scene::COrthographicCamera::SetTop ( float const  top)
void ion::Scene::COrthographicCamera::Update ( )

Reimplemented from ion::Scene::CCamera.

Member Data Documentation

float ion::Scene::COrthographicCamera::Bottom
float ion::Scene::COrthographicCamera::Left
float ion::Scene::COrthographicCamera::Right
float ion::Scene::COrthographicCamera::Top

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