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ion::String Class Reference

Helper methods for dealing with strings. More...

#include <String.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static vector< string > SeparateLines (string const &str)
static vector< string > Explode (string const &str, char delimiter)
static bool BeginsWith (string const &s, string const &prefix, string &remainder)
template<typename... Args>
static string Build (char const *const Format, Args const &...args)

Detailed Description

Helper methods for dealing with strings.

Member Function Documentation

bool ion::String::BeginsWith ( string const &  s,
string const &  prefix,
string &  remainder 
template<typename... Args>
static string ion::String::Build ( char const *const  Format,
Args const &...  args 
vector< string > ion::String::Explode ( string const &  str,
char  delimiter 
vector< string > ion::String::SeparateLines ( string const &  str)

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