ionCore Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for ionCore:


file  ionBitwise.h [code]
file  ionClass.h [code]
 Methods and classes for rudimentary reflection and other class related functionality.
file  ionComparison.h [code]
file  ionComponent.h [code]
 Basic component-entity system driven by types.
file  ionCore.h [code]
file  ionLogger.h [code]
 Logging class.
file  ionRand.h [code]
 Random number generators and helpers.
file  ionSmartPointer.h [code]
 Brings some standard library pointer classes into ion namespace.
file  ionStandardLibrary.h [code]
 Brings a lot of elements from std namespace into the global namespace.
file  ionThread.h [code]
 Brings some standard library thread classes into ion namespace.
file  ionTreeNode.h [code]
file  ionTypes.h [code]
 Defines typedefs for integer and floating point types.
file  ionUtils.h [code]
 General helper functions.